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There are several advantages of using lights and sound for a show, including:

1) Enhancing the audience experience: Lights and sound can create an immersive and engaging experience for the audience, making the show more memorable and enjoyable.

2) Creating atmosphere: The right combination of lights and sound can create a specific atmosphere or mood, such as excitement, suspense, or romance, which can enhance the emotional impact of the performance.

3) Drawing attention: The use of lights and sound can help to direct the audience's attention to specific parts of the stage, such as the performers, props, or scenery.

4) Adding visual interest: Lights can be used to create dynamic visual effects, such as strobes, patterns, and color changes, which can add to the overall visual interest of the performance.

5) Enhancing storytelling: Lights and sound can be used to enhance the storytelling aspect of the performance, helping to communicate the emotions and themes of the show more effectively.

6) Improving safety: Lights can be used to improve safety by illuminating potential hazards on stage, such as uneven surfaces or obstacles, and sound can be used to communicate important information to the performers, such as cues or timing.

  Overall, the use of lights and sound can greatly enhance the impact and effectiveness of a show, making it more engaging and memorable for the audience.

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